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How you can get involved in activities on VE Day

by Comms@CW&C,

Here's a timetable of events for tomorrow and where you can find them:

Friday, 8 May

  • Chester Town Hall bunting and VE Day flag.
  • 10.30am - VE day flag West Cheshire Museums (West Cheshire Museums Facebook pages)
  • 10.30am - VE day flag video (Facebook @cwaclibrary)
  • 11am - poem (Facebook @cwaclibrary)
  • Noon - VE Day service (
  • Noon - montage of Cheshire war related photos (Facebook @cwaclibrary)
  • 12.30pm - Chester Bandstand presents a VE Day Tribute (Facebook @chesterbandstand)
  • 1pm - Wartime songs with Doodlebugs – video (Facebook @cwaclibrary)
  • 2.30pm - poem (Facebook @cwaclibrary)
  • 2.55pm - The Last Post (national event)
  • 3pm - VE Day Toast (national event)
  • 3pm - Cheshire home Guard celebrate VE Day with their own garden party
  • 4pm - Owen Powell talk (Facebook @cwaclibrary)
  • 5pm - ‘What did you do in the war Deva’ Emma Stuart #whatareyoureading (Facebook @cwaclibrary)
  • 9pm - Address to the Nation by Her Majesty the Queen
  • 9pm - Sharon Wallace – We’ll Meet Again
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