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Inspire Cheshire West has closed. Thank you to everyone who took part. Your contributions, stories, ideas and experiences about life under lockdown restrictions were a valuable resource to the communities of west Cheshire.

Huntington Volunteer Network

by Comms@CW&C,

Huntington Parish Council is working with St. Luke's church and Huntington Primary School Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) to maintain a network of volunteers to make sure that local people are being supported to shield themselves and self-isolate.

Staff are trying to match volunteers and people seeking help who live as close to each other as possible. In one case someone phoned up to volunteer and was told that their next door neighbour had phoned to ask for support.

One elderly lady said: "We cannot thank you enough for setting up this network. I hope that I won't need help but I have finally been able to sleep at night for the first time since this started, knowing there is help for me if I do need it."

Key tip

If you're asking someone else to your shopping or you are buying shopping for someone, make sure that the list is as clear as possible. For example, milk might mean skimmed to one person and whole milk to another. You may not be able to find everything you're looking for, but at least look for the right things!

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