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Inspire Cheshire West has closed. Thank you to everyone who took part. Your contributions, stories, ideas and experiences about life under lockdown restrictions were a valuable resource to the communities of west Cheshire.

Lilybetts Catering

You think you can’t get those lovely mouthwatering home cooked foods, well think again. Dawn and Danielle are Lilybetts catering. After not being able to operate as usual due to the lockdown, Dawn and Danielle needed to think fast. They have now changed their business in order to be able to provide the community with some fantastic home cooked food. They have had calls from families as far away as Cyprus making sure their loved ones at home in the UK get some great home cooked classics. From Lasagne to beef casserole and some lush puddings, Dawn and Danielle are making sure their community eats well during these unprecedented times.

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