New app available to help you save money on your energy bills

The Council has teamed up with the Energy Saving Trust to bring you an app that will give you advice on how to use less energy in your home and save money.

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The app which is available to download from both Apple and android app stores is simple and easy to use.

It takes you on a journey of a typical home. Simply click on the different rooms within the home, such as a bedroom or kitchen and you will be prompted to answer yes or no to certain questions relating to electrical items within that room – things such as ‘Do you turn off lights every time you leave a room?’ If the answer is No, then it will tell you what potential financial saving you could make if you change what you currently do.

Did you know:
• that by turning lights off when you don’t need them you will save around £25 a year on your energy bill

• if you line dry your clothes in the summer months instead of using a tumble dryer you could save £60 each year

• if you replace your showerhead with a water efficient one it can save you around £35 off your yearly gas bill.

Once you have completed your tour of the rooms in the house, the app will tell you the total potential saving you could make by making a few minor changes. You can also ask for a report that shows you where you could save energy and money.

Download the app today by searching CWAC: Energy Advice Tool and start saving money as well as protecting the planet.

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