My home energy journey to a carbon free future

I have aways been interested in climate change, and the need to adapt my behaviours and environment to meet the challenge of the Climate Emergency. My journey began in 2015 when I installed 4 kW of Solar PV on my home.

Since that time I have removed all gas appliances, including the hob and central heating boiler, replacing them with an induction hob and Air Source Heat Pump. Alongside this I have signed up to a green energy tariff, ensuring that the electricity I do use is derived from renewable sources.

I must admit to a degree of anxiety about the transition from gas to electric for hot water and space heating, however I have been really pleased with the outcome. We always have plenty of hot water (there are currently 5 of us at home) and the internal temperature is currently holding at a steady 20 degrees, despite it being 1 degree outside as I write this.

My next stage on this journey will be the switch from a petrol car to an electric vehicle, which will complete my transition away from fossil fuels, and be my personal contribution to the Climate Emergency and the achievement of Net Zero.

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