The Summer Reading Challenge has now ended in Cheshire West and Chester Libraries but these crafts are still fun to do!

Starting Well Activities @Home

by Libraries@CW&C,

Have you visited the Starting Well Team’s Activities @Home page yet? You will find an array of fun activity ideas to explore with your little ones and keep them busy over the summer

You will also find useful video links on how you can support your child with the following activities:

· Playdough – this is a great opportunity for young children to let their imagination run wild! Their creations can be anything they want...cakes, dinosaur footprints or maybe even a wiggly worm at the bottom of the garden

· Mark Making - you don’t have to be a fantastic drawer, in fact, the more abstract the better

· Sharing a Story - Did you know? Before your little one learns to speak, they enjoy listening to the sound of your voice. This gives your child a feel for the sounds, rhythm and rhymes of language

· Heuristic Play - simple child-led approach to helping your little one learn

· Block Play - Block play is open ended. Your child’s creations can be anything they want it to be from a rocket blasting off in to space, to a farmyard or fairy garden. The possibilities are endless! There is no right or wrong way to play with blocks

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