Chester Cycle Buddies

I'm Cathey from Chester Cycling Campaign. I'd like to tell you about our fabulous "Chester Cycle Buddies" scheme to help people who would like to cycle more in Chester.

We know (because people tell us!) that many people would like to cycle more in and around Chester, but don’t really know how to go about it. You may be unsure about riding on your own, riding in traffic, or where to park your bike. Or maybe you’re back on a bike after some time and need a bit of practice. Or maybe you want to know what’s changed since you last rode - or you just need a bit of a confidence boost.

We can help! We match you up with one our members who is an experienced cyclist who can help you with whatever you would like. That might be planning cycle-friendly routes to places you would like to go, riding with you to test out routes and answering any queries you may have. It's free, and you don’t have to be a Campaign member to use Chester Cycle Buddies!

People are often surprised to learn how easy it can be to get around Chester by cycle (work, children’s schools, shops, city centre, leisure, friends, etc).

Do click through to Chester Cycle Buddies on our website here . We look forward to seeing you!

Photo credit: London Cycling Campaign.

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