Consultations launched on HyNet North West hydrogen and carbon dioxide pipelines

Hynet North West has launched two consultations for their hydrogen and carbon dioxide pipelines.

Combined, these pipelines will help decarbonise heavy industry in North West England and North Wales. This will protect and create thousands of jobs, improve air quality, and unlock a net zero future for the two regions.

Because of the length of the two pipelines, we need to apply for a special kind of planning permission, known as a Development Consent Order, to develop them. Getting feedback from local people and communities is crucial. This will make sure the project is built with them in mind.

You have the power to make a difference. Your feedback can help us identify new ways to help your community as we develop this project. Visit the consultation websites for more information

1. Hydrogen pipeline consultation

This consultation launched on the 26th January, you can now learn more about HyNet's Hydrogen Pipeline give your feedback at the consultation by visiting -

Being developed by Cadent, the underground pipeline will deliver low carbon hydrogen to industry and power generators in the region. It will take hydrogen to gas blending points near Warrington, Manchester and Northwich for introduction into the existing gas network. In addition, it will connect with storage facilities which will store hydrogen to provide a backup helping to balance supply and demand.

This is the first of two consultations that will take place on the proposed pipeline. This non-statutory consultation is taking place during the early stage of our work to help us shape our proposals. We are also carrying out detailed desktop and technical assessments to understand more about the area we're working in. Our next consultation will happen towards the end of the year.

You can find out more about the project on our website at where you can tell us your thoughts and contact the team working on the hydrogen pipeline to ask any questions.

Take part in the consultation to help realise these benefits –

2. Consultation for the carbon dioxide pipeline

Our public consultation for the carbon dioxide pipeline launched on Wednesday 9th February.
Your feedback is essential - have your say at

What are we consulting on?

Since our first consultation in Summer 2021, we've refined our plans using your feedback and a series of surveys and research. This has enabled us to select a preferred route for the carbon dioxide pipeline. We are now seeking additional feedback from local communities on our plans. This will help us ensure the project can deliver a range of benefits to local people, businesses and communities for decades to come.

Carbon dioxide pipeline consultation

The pipeline, being developed by Eni, will benefit North West England and North Wales by capturing and storing harmful carbon dioxide emissions from local industry. Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide entering our air by millions of tonnes each year. It will safely store this deep below the seabed in depleted gas fields that have held fossil fuels for millions of years.

By capturing emissions, we will help to project protect and create local jobs, as well as provide training and education opportunities. This project will also attract significant investment as factories and businesses look to move to areas that can offer cost-effective ways to decarbonise.

As part of our plans, we will also repurpose existing infrastructure in the area, which is both cost-effective and will help us begin to decarbonise more quickly.

Your feedback is key to helping us realise these benefits. Find out more and have your say at

Webinars and events

A range of webinars, in-person events and roadshows will be held throughout the upcoming consultations. Details on these events for each of the pipeline consultations can be found on each of the consultation websites.

Visit the Hydrogen Pipeline consultation website.
Visit the Carbon Dioxide consultation website.

If you have any questions, thoughts or would like to find out more. Please email:

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