Ditch the car – help the climate and your health. I did.

And I’m a GP. Having not cycled since primary school, it was remarkable how little time it took me to get back on a bicycle and then before I knew it, I had sold my car and the bicycle was my primary mode of transport.

I always had excuses for not doing it before: How would I visit patients? What about the traffic? Rain?

But, with a second-hand bike picked up by my wife, I cycled into town a few times. First, just to catch the train, then to do some shopping. It was so simple; work was the next logical step.

Very quickly I realised all my preconceptions about cycling were wrong, and the barriers to changing in my mind just needed to be challenged.

What was and still is most enjoyable, is the gentle ride home in the evening, exercise done, no need to worry about traffic jams.

Why not try it yourself?

Dr Patrick Eakin


A longer version of this article (with photos!) can be found at: News latest - Cycle North Cheshire

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