Eco Communities May What's On and save the date Festivals

We have lots on each month, but they are not much fun unless you join us.

We have at least two litter picks, this month we are back on the Million Mile Clean from the Countess of Chester Park. We will be completing a Citizen Science project on producers contribution to littering.

Then later on the month back in Saltney, the litter in this area is such a huge problem for nature and those living in the area. We have so far cleared 77 bags of litter weighing a staggering 321kg, we have one final push along this stretch of the Dee we think is needed. Please come along to help. Lets see if we can clean even more in May, our third River Sunday.

Then we have two of our free Webinars which are on anything sustainable via Tellus TV, we are going for a fortnightly rather than weekly programming. We have Welsh Dee Trust and CHASE with is in May. So register to hear more on the great work they are involved in.

Then we are supporting or organising tree festivals, Green Expo, Festival for the Future and Great Big Green Week is back... keep up to date on our events by registering for our Eco Communications - newsletter...


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