Let's make this years Sustainable Cheshire Festival a true Cheshire West Event

Our Sustainable Cheshire Festival on the 23rd September is in Grosvenor Park once again and we want it to be a truly Cheshire West event. We are looking to link with community organisations and businesses from throughout the region.

Our work has often been a bit Chester centric as this is where we all live, but we have already supported lots of regions. Tattenhall are very close to it's Plastic Free Community accreditation with our help as well as Neston. Then we are working on Frodsham and Ellesmere Port. We have also supported Malpas with it's Sustainable event.

It would be great to have a reptresentation from every corner of Cheshire West for a stall/ talk about what you are doing where you live around sustainability. We have some fantastic growing project, repair workshops and more all happening in Cheshire West, lets bring all these ideas together and share with each other and residents..……

Lets make this years event a truly Cheshire West event.

We hope to get some funding so we can make it bigger and better….. any ideas please let us know…

Please share with your group, networks etc…..

Let the team know if you are interested in getting involved with a stall and or volunteeting to support this event for 2023. We had some great online talks from across the region over Covid and it would be great to replicate this within a real life environment.

We should also have lots of news on our Cheshire Cup Club project by September, our reusable, returnable coffee cup scheme being lanched very very soon.

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