Little Leigh Active Travel Group

by Martin Beecroft,

Concerns about climate change and the need to reduce the reliance on motor vehicles have led us, as a small Parish Council, to encourage people out of their cars and to cycle or walk shorter journeys whenever possible.

Little Leigh village is bordered by busy 'A' roads and the Trent and Mersey Canal with only one, very hazardous, narrow footpath connecting to our nearest local services in Barnton. We are not served by public transport. The result is that most residents and visitors have little choice but to use private motor vehicles for most journeys. Our successful and popular Primary School is only accessible by motor vehicle for all but a few pupils who live within the village area, causing heavy congestion and increased vehicle pollution during school times.

Our group has been set up as a sub-committee of the Parish Council to encourage the development and funding of safe, motor vehicle free, routes for pedestrians and cyclists to enable access to services including shops, medical and banking, none of which are available in the village.

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