Soft plastics recycling and composting

In addition to the current arrangements within West (and East) buildings for recycling paper, bottles and tins, I have spoken to a BSO and the cleaners and there is now the facility on my floor in Nicholas House for recycling food waste, crisp packets and, most recently, soft plastic.

The food waste caddy I empty regularly and take home. The Envirosip cups and spoons go in here!

Crisp packets I collect separately (as they are greasy) and take to Chester Zoo (when they take them - a bit of a hiatus during the pandemic.)

Soft plastic (as long as it is clean) can now be recycled at Tesco and Co-op stores, so I take a bag there every week or so. All that clingfilm, sweet wrappers, bags and plastic lids that would otherwise be binned.

I try to do my bit. Whilst it is important to aim to recycle as much as we possibly can, we should however strive to use less packaging in the first place.


Gerry Holton (Cheshire East ICT Services but based in Nicholas House)

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