Watch out for out Litter PIck Hubs coming to the region in June

We have been litter picking in the region as part of Plastic Free Chester for the last few years. We are now supporting Plastic Free Cheshire and so want to branch out. Of course lock down stopped group picks, but it was fantastic to see lots of Womble Groups starting or growing during this period. At the moment you need top purchase your own equipment or loan it from the Street Scene team. The team are travelling to deliver odd litter pickers to residents seems to go against the aims of reducing our Carbon Footprint, so we applied for funding from Cheshire West and Cheshire Council to create Litter Pick Hubs.

You can now borrow equipment from one of our hubs which we are rolling out in the region. You can also join one of our group litter picks which have now restarted.

So far we will have hubs in some of the Chester Parks, Sykes Cottages, Exsqeeze Me in Handbridge, Just Footprints in Chester and Frodsham, Fish & Chips @ Weston Grove in Upton and more to be finalised. Want a hub near you email

If you want to read more and keep updated on our hubs - Read more

Photo Jim Holmes

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