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Inspire Cheshire West has closed. Thank you to everyone who took part. Your contributions, stories, ideas and experiences about life under lockdown restrictions were a valuable resource to the communities of west Cheshire.

Boughton Buddies

by James,

Just before the whole lockdown started a family a few doors up from me dropped a note through the doors of everyone on the street asking us to text to join a whatsapp group being set up so that we can all help each other out if need be.

A few people have asked for, and have offered, help with picking up shopping and prescriptions but there has also been people clearing their garages and offering firewood, excess strawberry plants and the like. I've picked up some shopping for a neighbour who's staying at home and she's given us the odd bit from her veg box that she wasn't going to eat. The nice thing is that it feels like everybody is helping everyone else and it's really made me feel more a part of the street (and given how bad I am with names it's been really usefully having people posting with their names and house numbers!)

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