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Inspire Cheshire West has closed. Thank you to everyone who took part. Your contributions, stories, ideas and experiences about life under lockdown restrictions were a valuable resource to the communities of west Cheshire.

Wonderful Waverton

by Waverton Wonders,

At the very start of the concerns, Waverton resident immediately started thinking of other and how to help the best. Through the powers of facebook we created a group called 'Waverton Action Plan' following on from the goodwill and good work of Malpas Action Plan.

Hundreds of volunteers offered up support, and with kind links to the churches in the village a 24 hour helpline was established - run by a group of Waverton Evangelical Fellowship members. We combined this helpline and the basic offer of a neighbour volunteer contact number and quickly went to getting this message to all the homes in the village. All the local volunteers were allocated into teams for their road and divided the responsibilities of support. Thus linking everyone into the bigger network, so if a sudden need arises for shopping, medicine etc. There are over 200 offers of help!

To date, it's working well, what has happened is that neighbours are looking out for neighbours, and community spirit is phenomenal

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