Edsential provide COP26 learning support for classrooms

A free Climate Change Teachers Toolkit has been launched to support teachers with classroom-based learning related to the COP26 conference.

The toolkit launched earlier his month to support teachers with issues relating to the COP 26 conference, a global summit on how countries across the world will tackle climate change.

The website will link teachers to a range of resources that will support learning about climate change and specifically the four targets being discussed at the COP26 conference. Experts at Edsential have reviewed hundreds of teaching resources and identified those that link directly to the curriculum. It is hoped that the toolkit will enable teachers to explain the purpose of the conference and deliver key curriculum outcomes related to climate change.

The Climate Change Resources Teachers Toolkit will be featured as part of the national Together for our Planet toolkit, led by COP26 organisers. It has been created by Edsential with support from Chester Zoo and Efeca.

This project is the latest environmental commitment from Edsential after they became the world’s first certified sustainable palm oil catering company in 2019, and a leading champion of Chester Zoo’s Sustainable Palm Oil Communities project. They were supported by Efeca, researchers and advisors on deforestation free commodities.

Managing Director of Edsential, Ian McGrady said,

“We are delighted to launch the Climate Change Teachers Toolkit for COP 26. today. It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to environmental education and to taking action to protect our planet.

"We know that teachers have an incredibly important role to play in the conversation about climate change and to reassure and empower students so that they feel that they are part of the solution.

The COP26 conference in Glasgow is a watershed moment in the fight to tackle climate change so we’re delighted that organisers will showcase this website as a way to connect teachers with the conference in a meaningful way.“

Teachers can access the website via the COP26 Together for our Planet Schools Pack or directly at www.cop26.edsential.com

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