Sign up to the Green Pledges campaign

by Cheshire West Voluntary Action,

Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA) is running a Green Pledges campaign, in partnership with Chester Sustainability Forum, providing an opportunity for individuals and organisations to make personal pledges and support actions to tackle the Climate Emergency called by Cheshire West and Chester Council.

As part of the campaign, 10 green pledges are outlined, but it’s up to each individual or organisation which ones they’d like to commit to. It could be all of them, one of them or something new as there’s an opportunity to create your own pledges.

  • Flying – a commitment to reduce personal and business air flights
  • Car emissions – reduce personal or business mileage or change to electric vehicles
  • Consumption – proactively reduce consumption as an individual and/or organisation
  • Reuse and recycle – increase your reuse and recycling of resources
  • 100 per cent renewable energy – move towards using 100 per cent renewable energy sources
  • Fossil fuels and high-carbon sectors – a rapid transition to reduced investment in all fossil fuels and high-carbon sectors
  • Meat and dairy – reduce weekly meat and dairy consumption as an individual and/or organisation
  • Food waste – reduce your food waste
  • Protecting our trees – a commitment to planting and maintaining more trees
  • Plastic free – a commitment to reduced plastic use

Individuals and organisations are already starting to make their own personal pledges, support the campaign and have a positive impact on west Cheshire’s future. Individuals and organisations who sign up to the campaign will be featured to highlight the difference they’re making.

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